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Darci Clark

Bachelor’s in Historical Studies
Concentration in European History
GPA 3.98

Courses Completed:
Early Medieval Europe (A)
History of Ancient Rome: Republic and Empire (A)
Women in European History (A)
The Ancient Mediterranean (A)
Latin I (A-)
Theater History: From the Greeks to the Renaissance (A)
Global History to the 15th Century (A)
Ancient Mesopotamian History and Culture (A)
Topics in American History: The American West (A)
Human Prehistory: Introduction to
Physical Anthropology and Archaeology (A)
Historiography (A)
North American Mound Builders (A)
Introduction to Mythology and Classical Epic (PLA)
Late Medieval Europe (A)
Art History: Renaissance and Reformation (A)
Ancient Egyptian History (A)
Ancient Near East History (A)
Mesoamerican History and Culture (A)
Creation of Virtual Tours in History (A)
Topics in Historical Archaeology (A)


Schenectady County Community College
Non-Credit Community Archaeology Program

Non-Credit Courses Completed:
Researching and Interpreting Archaeology Documents
Historical Archaeology
Native American Archaeology
Archaeological Research (Ongoing)
Laboratory Practices and Site Study
Archaeological Fieldwork Program
Recording and Archiving Archaeological Data

Mildred ElleyAssociates in Information Technology 2002

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